WordPress + SalezTalk = Real Business

We have created SalezTalk plugin for WordPress users - so installing SalezTalk on WordPress is very easy. Here are the steps you'll have to follow:

We also provide absolutely free support for installing SalezTalk on your website.


1. Search SalezTalk Plugin

Log in to your WordPress dashboard & navigate to the Plugins section and search for SalezTalk. Click Install Now.
You can directly download the plugin from WordPress also.

2. Activate SalezTalk Plugin

Once plugin is installed, you'll have to activate the plugin.

Activate Plugin
SalezTalk Menu

3. SalezTalk Menu

Once installation is done, you'll see a "SalezTalk" menu in your WordPress under Settings.

4. Paste Code

Paste your SalezTalk code in the box provided and click on save button. SalezTalk installation is done.
Feel absolutely free to contact us for any support issues.


Start talking with your customers by installing SalezTalk on your WordPress Site.